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This blog is dedicated to miniature gaming. The blog will include battle reports, work in progress , and completed projects. Due to a rough work schedule, it will be a slow progress. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween, hope everyone is enjoying Halloween as much as I am. Its been a long time since I  posted anything, Ive been training the last six months so its extremely  hard to complete projects and even trying to get in a game or two has been next to impossible. I Should be finishing up this week so expect to start seeing some updates and more posts. To start things off the  sexy skeleton costume on the right is my stunning wife and the  handsome looking zombie in the white tee shirt is non other then me the second picture shows the gut a little better.. Next we have my two beautiful children, my  daughter is sporting  the  werewolf  costume, and my son is the hazmat zombie.   
                                                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!