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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well just finished this Huey and a couple civilians. The civilians are 25mm from Old glory  Superfigs super hero line, funny thing is two of the woman look like tranies. I had this Chopper siting around for a while, so I cant think of what company put it out.  I can't  recall who the manufacturers is, but this is a 1:48 scale Huey and comes with the option to add GE M-134 Gatling-type six-barreled on each side. Most of these Hueys have been phased out and replaced with more up to date choppers, but supposedly the army has kept many of them for training purposes.


  1. the huey came out good. the guy in the red dress aint foolin noone.

  2. lmao, in a zombie Apocalypse, no one is safe.