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This blog is dedicated to miniature gaming. The blog will include battle reports, work in progress , and completed projects. Due to a rough work schedule, it will be a slow progress. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well just finished this Huey and a couple civilians. The civilians are 25mm from Old glory  Superfigs super hero line, funny thing is two of the woman look like tranies. I had this Chopper siting around for a while, so I cant think of what company put it out.  I can't  recall who the manufacturers is, but this is a 1:48 scale Huey and comes with the option to add GE M-134 Gatling-type six-barreled on each side. Most of these Hueys have been phased out and replaced with more up to date choppers, but supposedly the army has kept many of them for training purposes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I just finished up some survivors, the two on the left are from Chronoscope (I think), and the individual on the right with the golf clubs I cant remember for the life of me I found him after I moved. I gave the guy with the sawn off shot gun a slight fall base, and the other 2 are with basic dirt flock with some high static grass.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Go Go zombies

This is a bachelor parties worst nightmare, zombie strippers. I think the funniest thing about theses girls is one of the zombies has a severed hand with some cash in it and the other zombies have cash hanging on there panties. Now if only I could make a strip cub for them to dwell in.

More zombies

Just finished up some more zombies to add to the ever growing horde. I had theses corpse sitting for so long, I cant for the life of me remember where I got them from. I particularly like the one with the arm in his mouth. 

Ash Williams

Well I am finally back, its been a while, very, very busy. This here is my ultimate miniature, by far my most favorite. What you see before you is Ash Williams from the evil dead and army of darkness movies. This beauty is from the Hasselfree Miniature line, male undead slayer. My only complaint is, there was no option to add the metal hand he acquired in the army of darkness movie, the other option was an axe instead of a chainsaw, but I went with the traditional route and gave him the chainsaw.