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This blog is dedicated to miniature gaming. The blog will include battle reports, work in progress , and completed projects. Due to a rough work schedule, it will be a slow progress. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Undead Pirates

I completed four,  Undead Pirates, made by Black Scorpion. The miniatures are  resin, and all are one single piece miniature, no assembly required . It's probably tough to tell, but all the hats are painted brown except for one, which I painted black to represent the leader of the group. There was actually another pirate with this collection but he ended up somehow in a bunch of pieces, a real shame.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Two Dwarfs

Here I show off, two Reaper Miniatures Dwarfs with just a basic done up base consisting of dirt (not real dirt) and some static grass. I banged theses fellow out real quick, just about a day and a half to complete both of them. These guys will be great for representing some kind of dwarf dungeon adventures.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Zombie Killer

First off Happy Thanksgiving to all. Some may wonder why I have  a picture of a bottle of mead, and not some kind of painted miniature. I thought I would show off something I enjoyed today, called Zombie Killer. Its classified as a mead, was sweet and had a real light hint of an orange color to it, I finished the bottle off along with some beers, its only about 6% alc. The funny thing is, the only reason why I even purchased this today was because of the name, Zombie Killer. If you enjoy tasteing different kinds of wine I recomand giving this one a try, I liked it.

Town Folks with Torches

I have here three completed town folks with torches. They are put out by Reaper Miniatures, and I am almost certain that all three of these came together as a set, but I could be wrong, I had theses guys sitting around for a while.  I also really  need  some practice  on painting flames, I found it to be a bit of a pain trying to get it right. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Skeleton Warriors

I finished theses Skeletons a while ago, but just got around to taking their picture and posting them up. Theses guys are from the Reaper Miniature collection I do like alot of the stuff Reaper has put out, except for the bone product, I am not a  fan at all of it , but I understand some people are.

Men At Arms

What we have here is three men at arms, from Reaper Miniatures. I have taken a slight break from modern miniatures and got back to painting some fantasy miniatures, other then painting some surviviors and zombies for the up coming Zedcember, http://thequickandthezed.blogspot.com/2013/11/zedcember-2013-is-just-around-corner.html. Expect to see some more fantasy miniatures in the next couple posts.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


Happy Halloween, hope everyone is enjoying Halloween as much as I am. Its been a long time since I  posted anything, Ive been training the last six months so its extremely  hard to complete projects and even trying to get in a game or two has been next to impossible. I Should be finishing up this week so expect to start seeing some updates and more posts. To start things off the  sexy skeleton costume on the right is my stunning wife and the  handsome looking zombie in the white tee shirt is non other then me the second picture shows the gut a little better.. Next we have my two beautiful children, my  daughter is sporting  the  werewolf  costume, and my son is the hazmat zombie.   
                                                        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

zombies twilight creations

Just spent some quality time this evening with my son and daughter in a game of zombies. I did not play but acted more as a middleman, if there was a card that either wanted to play or didn't understand something,  i just explained the effects, other then that they acted on there own.

She puts on her war face, eager to get to the chopper first!!!

My son retorts with his own grimaces expression.

The chopper pad is finally revealed, now its a race to see who makes it there first.
Both characters actually died trying to clear the landing pad and starting back at the center of town, but my son eventually made it thru, leaving his sister behind with the horde. They both had so much fun that they wanted to play again but it was getting late so off to bed they went.

Monday, June 17, 2013

My Fathers Day Gift

This was my Fathers Day gift, and boy was I excited. This box set contains enough pieces to make 30 28mm survivors, not a bad deal if you ask me. I  cant wait to start assembling and painting these bad boys. Stay tune for future updates on these survivors.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

ATZ Narative AAR

Tried out ATZ with two friends, but didn't take any pictures of the action I was more concerned about not messing up the rules then having pictures as proof of the game. Well hope you enjoy the read, maybe the next one will have some pictures.

Its been five days since the virus ravaged our once civilized world. The government failed to contain the virus which spread like wild fire. There is complete chaos and anarchy in the streets, people are killing people, people are eating people. We can hear them outside trying to claw there way thru the barricaded doors and boarded up windows, but its only a matter of time before they breach us, maybe we'll just starve to death. There must be a safe zone established somewhere? There were more of us the other day, we had Jim, mike and Ed, but they drew the smallest straws to scavenge the local area for supplies, none have since returned. Chris and John have decided  first thing tomorrow afternoon  to take there chance with the near empty pickup truck and see how far they can get.

 Chris and john managed to get to the out side of the city before there Chevy pickup  ran out of gas. But hope was not lost, just a couple blocks away a gas station was in view. They both knew what had to be done. As the truck stalled and rolled a few more feet, several figures stumbled out of the shadow, and the near by buildings, interested in what was occupied in the pick-up. Chris and John hopped out of the truck and brazenly  walked down the street. The zombies shuffled closer to John and Chris and away from the truck, fresh meat was in the air. Its been a long time since the walkers had some warm, kicking and screaming meat, moaning and salivating the zombies lurched after  our two survivors. Both survivors, took a couple pop shot down the street, taking several zombies out with precision head shots, but that just rang the diner bell, more zombies interested in the commotion converged with in the area. As soon as an opening presented itself the two survivors ran and neither looked back , there only goal was to get to the gas station.

  After running several blocks and loosing the tailing zombies, pumping out the gas was a breeze. The two survivors high tailed it back to the truck, but John was out of shape and started to show signs of fatigue. Chris managed to take out a few stragglers around the truck before running out of ammo. John still lagging behind took a couple pop shot but the ammo was getting tight. Chris stood his ground with  knife in hand, slashing and stabbing the flooding of walkers closing in on him. A thought briefly passed thru Chris's head, I should get in the truck and leave Johns slow ass behind for the walkers before its too late, but a sparkle of humanity kept him waiting for his friend. Too bad for both of them the horde was to much, out numbered and tired they were torn apart and consumed. The last thought thru Chris head wasn't about leaving his friend John behind, but about saving  that last round for himself.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

More Lame Brains

Just finished another 14 zombies to add to the collection, this makes the body count 72 painted zombies in my collection. They are from the Old Glory Blue Moon Things that go bump in the night line, whats nice about them is that they are already on a metal base really no need to put them on a slot base, saves you some time with basing them and painting.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Well just finished this Huey and a couple civilians. The civilians are 25mm from Old glory  Superfigs super hero line, funny thing is two of the woman look like tranies. I had this Chopper siting around for a while, so I cant think of what company put it out.  I can't  recall who the manufacturers is, but this is a 1:48 scale Huey and comes with the option to add GE M-134 Gatling-type six-barreled on each side. Most of these Hueys have been phased out and replaced with more up to date choppers, but supposedly the army has kept many of them for training purposes.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I just finished up some survivors, the two on the left are from Chronoscope (I think), and the individual on the right with the golf clubs I cant remember for the life of me I found him after I moved. I gave the guy with the sawn off shot gun a slight fall base, and the other 2 are with basic dirt flock with some high static grass.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Go Go zombies

This is a bachelor parties worst nightmare, zombie strippers. I think the funniest thing about theses girls is one of the zombies has a severed hand with some cash in it and the other zombies have cash hanging on there panties. Now if only I could make a strip cub for them to dwell in.

More zombies

Just finished up some more zombies to add to the ever growing horde. I had theses corpse sitting for so long, I cant for the life of me remember where I got them from. I particularly like the one with the arm in his mouth. 

Ash Williams

Well I am finally back, its been a while, very, very busy. This here is my ultimate miniature, by far my most favorite. What you see before you is Ash Williams from the evil dead and army of darkness movies. This beauty is from the Hasselfree Miniature line, male undead slayer. My only complaint is, there was no option to add the metal hand he acquired in the army of darkness movie, the other option was an axe instead of a chainsaw, but I went with the traditional route and gave him the chainsaw.