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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Another Horde Completed

This mob is a mix from different companies. The two children on the left are from zombiesmith, the other five zombies pictured on the left with the children are from Cobblestone future wars. The mass on the right is from Old Glory, Blue moon, Things that go bump in the night. The nice thing about the zombies on the right, is that they all come on there own base. This can save you some time and money from basing each zombie, but if you really wanted to you could still base them on there on base. I normally don't spend much time on my zombies, as you can tell from the pictures, not because there not important it's because I have so many of them to paint and I figure they probable don't last long on the table top. Just a basic paint job and flock, nothing fancy. My favorite one of all is the zombie in the wheelchair. It would be funny being chased by a zombie in a wheel chair.

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